Body Work

After many years of professional work in contactimprovisation and multiple forms of bodywork, Brigitta Renggli and Patrick Collaud have been developing Danced Body Work from 2011 to 2018. Read our article on Contact Quaterly

The workshops are designed for people who are familiar with movement and body work techniques and want to develop their own sense of individual responsibility, trust and self-reliance. See the workshop calendar Agenda

Danced Body Work – a description

Danced Body Work is a form of movement- and bodywork that is dialogical and improvisational in nature. It builds upon the movement repertoire of contact improvisation and integrates aspects of multiple methods of bodywork. The physical part of the work is accompanied by and enhanced with self-reflection.

Our approach contains an aspect of reciprocity in that it breaks the boundaries of the typical roles of active therapist and passive patient. Slowly, through a finely attuned interchange of touch, contact and movement, a „dance of interactions“ emerges. This dance may start in a standing, sitting or lying position, and may develop from a quiet dialogue of minuscule movement into large-scale, strong and even vigorous movement. One unique aspect of this form of bodywork is that the entire body may engage in contact. This facilitates and gives rise to a range of new sensations and experiences, reaching from the strong impulses created by the weight of one’s movement partner to the subtle sensations created by the contact of distinct body parts. Another unique aspect of this work is the element of improvisation, which, by its very nature, encourages the discovery of new pathways and creative, unexpected ways of movement.